Saturday, September 11, 2010


I was talking to Greg last night, and apparently he is mad because everyone is lacking in the Blog department! Well especially me, and rightfully so... there is several things that have happened in the last couple months, that have left me without air to breathe! Let alone Blog! In a jist, for those of you who don't know.....

We moved from Milwaukee back to Utah! With the intent of going to Bozeman for Greg to finish graduate school....

We had the truck comepletely packed full, and ready to hit the road, when Greg got a phone call from the apartments where we were supposed to stay, and we didn't have a place to stay, we used the rest of the day to try and find another place, and after several failed attempts we sat down in sincere prayer to try to figure something out.

We both knew Bozeman wasn't the right option, and we soon figured out that Greg needed to go to do extended sales in California.

Something I am NOT thrilled about, he is away in California for the month of September while Halle and I are house sitting in Midway, Utah, close to Heber.

So within two weeks my entire life was hit by a tornado, but once again I learned a valuable lesson....

There is always another plan that we don't know about and we just have to hold on for the ride!

So if you are in Utah, give me a call!

I have to be especially thankful for my family, Devan for her strength to help at all hours (even early!)

Karadie (and paul) they took our little family in and made us feel so welcome! I love you guys!

Pictures of the little one will come soon, she

is growing so big! We are enjoying her, she misses her daddy so much, they are the best of friends!