Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This boy is teething, and although he looks happy he has been a did bit grumpy, he just wants to cuddle all the time, I guess like his daddy!  He is so cute, whenever he gets upset instead of crying he just starts giggling!  I know he needs to sleep, but its just so dang cute it makes me want to keep him up!

This is a very very rare moment!  I told halle that she could stay up and watch TV with mommy because she has been such a good girl lately!  She started cuddling with me!  Thankfully a friend was over to capture this unique moment that never happens!  I sure do love this rambunctious girl, she keeps me active and I need that!

You'll never find another father as good as Greg!  I can say that and I know many people that feel the same way about their hubby's but really Greg makes every moment of every day matter and count to his kids.  I am so thankful that he is so good with them, and I feel so blessed that he loves them as much as I do.  Our favorite time of the day is morning time!  Greg is home for a little while and we spend every second enjoying each others company.  

On the road again, we are always on the road again!  We moved on sunday from Tallahassee to Mobile, and it wasn't to bad, we are just exhausted.  Sunday is our only day that we have as a family, because greg is gone every other day, so to be driving for 5 hours was a bit of a toll.  Halle had fun riding with her daddy, and Dax about lost it, being with me in the car!  He is such a good boy and patient most of the time, but sunday was the first day he was not very happy about where he was, or what he was doing!  We  LOVE our new place to say the least, it is SOOO nice!  Greg did an excellent job in picking this housing out!  We are having fun, but I cannot wait to be back in the comfort of my own home, it will come soon enough!