Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something to look foward to....

Now that I am 24 I realize that soon I will be old.... not really I think I am still young, but it does make me sit back and contemplate the next couple years and the many changes that will happen. Like when Halle enters kindergarten, I will be almost 30!
And while I see myself getting older I think about where I have came from, and it makes me excited because.....

I will look like this. Yes my mother looks like my sister, in fact she is cuter and more in style than I am! You can tell Halle loves her sooo much to!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Devan is Amazing

Daddy makes everything so fun!
My Girl forever and for always!

She is a gorgeous little girl!

This is the funniest face ever!

Our Family!

She is a Daddy's girl, and a mommy's girl!

We wanted to get some pictures of Halle since she is 6 months! (A big milestone as you know) So my ever so talented sister once again captured our sweet baby so we can always rememeber her!

Monday, October 18, 2010

1,2,3,4,5...and 6 months! Halle is so big!

Happy, Happy all the time! She is so beautiful I just love staring at her.

We went to mesquite for my birthday and on the way home (between the screaming, because she doesn't like being confined to her car seat!) She would pull this face! SO CUTE!

We just went to her 6 month check up and the stats are in... 17 lbs 09 oz, 27.5 inches long!! She is healthy! Which we knew but it is nice to get the confirmation, my doctor also told me I have very good breast milk... um thank you?

This was our first trip to the zoo, it was so fun! We were able to go with Jen, Stasia and another friend for my birthday! We had a blast, especially Halle. She loved all the people!
Now the Carousel was a sure treat! I thought she wouldn't pay attention at all, but Boy was I wrong! The second it started, she was jumping up and down giving the biggest smiles!

We had to sit next to stasia, so we got the beetle! fitting!

Happy Birthday! Jen made a wonderful dinner and a beautiful cake, it's weird how birthdays don't seem so important when you have a beautiful baby taking up all your time!

A long time ago time used to go very quickly, now it is slow. Some days are hard and I don't think I am going to make it, but others fly by and I am so happy to be with the people I am! A lot has happened in the last little while. Halle is getting so big and I can't believe the little milestones that make the huge difference! She is now full on trying her hardest to crawl. She hates being held back by her car seat, me, and any other restraining device. She does the cutest thing trying to crawl.... she pushes her butt in the air with her arms and scoots with her head pushed on the ground, its the easiest way she discovered how to move from point A to point B.