Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She's 2, a beautiful 2!

I feel so blessed lately to have such a wonderful family! I would have never imagined I would be so happy being a mommy! Life is different and so exciting, and very very tiring, one day I might just maybe catch up on my sleep! But I am so grateful for Halle and I pray that she knows how much I love her! She is a bright ray of sunshine in our lives and we love her dearly! At her 2 year Dr appointment she was pronounced healthy! Which I already knew! We were also given the fun fact that height at age two can be doubled and thats the height they will be with they are older! So Halle is predicted to be 5'8"!! Holy cow! She is going to be so tall! Even if she is near that it is going to be awesome!


Since Greg is such a incredibly hard worker we are able to go on vacation with his work every year! We are a lucky couple and it is so nice to get away before the craziness of the summertime hits, its almost here and I am starting to freak out!
This was Daxs first experience with the water! He was afraid his daddy was going to drop him! I know that Greg never would, and soon he will learn that as well!
Our friends were also blessed with a brand new baby boy and they brought him as well so Dax had a friend!
Believe it or not Dax had a WONDERFUL time! He loved being by the ocean and the sound of the waves made him Zonk! Even though in this picture he was mad two seconds before that he was sticking his tongue out at us (which is his new favorite thing to so:))
Our flight home was LONG, but our little man is so patient and relaxed he is such a great and wonderful baby! We had fun, and thank goodness for Mama Small for watching our beautiful baby girl! Next time I think I would rather go with just Greg and I, but I enjoyed my sweet baby boy!