Friday, February 17, 2012


We have definetly had a very big adjusting period going on in our home! For better or for worse, Hal is learning to share her time. She is such a good girl, and great older sister. She is so silly and we love her personality, she found the vent the other day, and it was so cute to watch her leanrn how the air makes her shirt fly! And yes she also is teaching herself how to go on the big girl potty! She is such an independent thing and we are so proud of her.

This is our big boy! Growing everyday!

This was one moment that Halle and I got to spend cuddling and laughing! We are so happy and we love spending time together!


He is such a handsome little man!

Here are the newborn pics that dev took a month ago! Weird to think its been a whole month, but then again not to weird because the bags under my eyes tell you that it has been a month! Im a tired mom, and I cannot wait until this little man sleeps longer. He is quite the cutie though, we love him and in one month he gained over 4 lbs! We are so proud of him.