Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dax Greg Jacobsen

On Wednesday we were blessed with the most beautiful little boy! We are so blessed to have Dax Greg Jacobsen in our lives and we feel so honored to have him in our family. Greg is already very smitten with this little man.
Our little girl, and always my baby, is very happy that she now has her own little baby to take care of. She makes sure that she gives him endless kisses everyday and helps mommy with many tasks. She is our happy girl!
The birth went very very well! Much smoother than Halle's birth, the day went by very slowly as we waited for our little boy to come and be with us. He was born just after 8 at night on wednesday, and he weighed 6 lbs 15 oz, and he was 20 inches long. Everything was great, and our little family grew! Halle is slowly welcoming this little bundle of joy, she is still trying to figure out if he is here to stay!

She loves her brother, I just have to keep her from smashing him! I think about it often that it is a wonder any of us are alive with siblings, we are so rough, which makes us tough I suppose! Especially if you think about me, after all Ryan was my older brother!

Thanks Aunt Dev

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Everyday Happenings

This is what our home feels like because this little girl fills it with such joy and happiness! She is so cute and so contagious. He giggles warm my heart and there is nothing more warming to me than hearing her laughing throughout the house. We found this weird thing on halles toe the other night, kind of like an ingrown toenail, and so we needed to pull it out! She was so brave and didn't cry at all even though I could tell that it would hurt, I know I would cry! So afterwards Greg got a sucker for her, and because he is a sucker she got 2!!
While we were in Idaho, her other Love Bruno, and her would play all the time, from the moment Halle woke up she would say BRUNO, and yell his name, then she would take care of him! So cute! Halle has begun peeling her own cuties, and this morning I handed her this cutie, she went over sat next to Bruno, and began peeling. With every tiny peel she would hand it to Bruno, and he would so softly take it and swallow! When she finally got to the actual orange she looked at it, contemplated, broke it in half, and gave half to Bruno! My heart melted! It was so cute, and I am so proud of my little girl and her willingness to be so good!
We have been so blessed with being able to have Aunt NON live with us! Halle has such a close bond to her, and they have so much fun together, this is just one of the things that I find them doing on a daily basis.

There is beauty all around!

One of Halle's favorite things is to put her shoes on, she is so Fancy! We had her do a mini shoot so we could capture the little simple things that we love so much!
I am so blessed to have such a beautiful girl! I love her, she is so happy and so cute, and I could squeeze her all day long!

Our Little Big Girl

We have so many happenings, hence the lack of posts that have been going on. Gregs Job is very busy, and Halle is so active that by the end of everyday I want to collapse and sleep, mainly because we are about to be blessed with our second bundle of joy! Halle is the light of our life, and we just adore everything that she does! Even when she is being so naughty, Greg and I secretly smile at each other because she is so adorable. She has learned that we are suckers for her words! When she says WOOWRRY (for sorry!) My heart melts! We are enjoying her age so much and we feel so blessed.
This outfit is from my Grandma, and it is so cute! I think that her Aunt Dev has taught her so well because she lined up against the wall and let me take the picture without hesitation!
One reason she may love her picture taken is because she figured out how to work our cell phones and she loves to scroll through all the pictures of herself! So any day now we are expecting our next great adventure and we are so thrilled!