Monday, May 31, 2010

River Walk

On our Sunday outing we went to the Riverwalk and went on a short walk! It was a lot of fun, and very interesting. They had a lot of weird art, but of coarse our favrite part was this guy! Greg was trying to be very clever and have him hold Halle, but I was to uptight and didnt let him do it, it was dirty! Halle never has any Idea what is going on, someday she will call us crazy!

Family Fun

Halle's new favorite place is on our bed, whenever we put her down there she gets really excited and happy!
This is our cute little family, Greg and I decided to lay down next to our sweet baby and play with her, she loved playing with her parents!

She gets so many kisses everyday! Someone (who obviously doens't have kids) asked me the other day why babies need baths everyday, beside the fact that they poop and pee and spit up all over themselves! Halle also needs one everyday because of all the kisses she gets!

Monday, May 24, 2010


In the mornings Greg lets me go running and he feeds Halle, and plays with her. When I go home today she had the bigest eyes, I couldn't resist taking a picture of her! We love these beautiful big big eyes!
She is always lifting her head really high and looking all around to see where her parents are! She is getting so big!

Soccer Star in the Making

I told Greg after church to change Halle from her church clothes into something more comfortable! I heard Greg in the room laughing and talking to Halle telling her about how funny he was! They walked out of our room with this lovely outfit on! Like father like daughter, Greg loves his little adorable girl, they are two peas in a pod!

Fun at the Park

The other morning the weather was perfect after I got back from my run so I grabbed Greg and Halle and we went on a walk! Greg just loved taking her on her first ride on the slide! She had no idea what was going on and it didn't even phase her! But we had a lot of fun with our sweet little baby!

This picture is the funniest thing ever! Halle looks like so huge! She really is pretty normal, but in this pic with Greg she looks like a chunky monkey!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bath Time!

Greg Loves to bathe with her, but since he is gone so late at night I have been giving her baths, She absolutely loves the water! We are really going to have to watch her close when she gets moving around.
I get the smiles all the time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shake Shake Shake

Ha Please don't Judge! but this is really funny, as most of you know Greg is a very Hands on dad and he is going to make Halle very strong! She loves when he plays with her! I promise that I try my best to make sure she doesn't get shaken baby syndrome!

Our Cutie Pie

This is the third outfit for the day!! But it turns out is was the cutest so it's okay that she peed on the other two outfits! She is styling with her shoes from her Aunt Karadie and a beautiful dress from Micah. (Thanks) This little girl is so very spoiled with all the people that give her gifts! I am so lucky to know so many generous people.
It is so amazing that everyday I wake up and she is a little bit bigger. Our new favorite thing lately is how alert and happy our little girl is. She is always laughing and giggling to get our attention, and it works every time! I will be across the room and she will start giggling, and I run over to play with her! She knows how to get her mom, Greg gets jealous because when he is holding her she will always try to find where I am in the room! I love it, and play it off so he doesn't get sad, but it is one of those things that makes your heart melt!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hide and Go Seek

Greg decided to play Hide and Go Seek with Halle, we were in our living room and he took off running with her. I decided that I should play along. When I cae into the room he was whispering to her telling her to be quiet, but she hasn't grasped that concept!! I also thought that my huby probably wasn't the best at hiding when he was younger, everybody knows the bd is the easiest place to find! I feel so blessed that Greg is such a great dad!

Sunday Strolls

We went to Lake Michigan for a Sunday activity! It was so beautiful and Halle Loves when her daddy pushes her in the stroller they are two peas in a pod!
Look at how she is mesmorized they are wrapped around each others fingers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Newest Edition Halle Lynn Jacobsen was born on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 8:06 in the morning. She wasn't due for two more weeks so on Sunday night Greg and I were dong our normal sunday activities. We decided to wind down the day by watching a movie. In the movie the actors were watching some old westerns. I looked at Greg and told him that I had never seen a western before. He gave me the oddest look and said "What did you do as a child?" How he said it made me laugh so hard, and when I did my water broke! At first I didn't know if it really had broken or not I told Greg either I peed my pants or my water broke, so I went and sat on the toilet. Greg called his mom and was asking her questions, while I was in denial, I then decided to call my own mom, but I knew I would freak her out so I wanted to be sure. After talking to her I came to the conclusion that I probably should go to the hospital. I stood up from the toilet, and another huge gush of water came... So I knew for sure it was time. A million thoughts were racing through my head as I walked dumbfound through my apartment. I was no help at packing, luckily Greg went immediately into Dad mode, he was grabbing all our bags and throwing them in the car, he was amazing! I kept telling him we had plenty of time but he insisted that we go, which I am glad because we really didn't have too much time.

My mom had called Devan on our way to the hospital and thankfully she had arrived back in town about an hour before my water broke, after she had been in Idaho taking care of my dad! Thanks Dev! Anyways so we are driving down the canyon to Provo, and all I can think is, this is so weird, am I actually ready to be a mom? No, oh no, what have I done! Greg was calm but I could tell he was really nervous. We got to the hospital and checked in and within a couple minutes my contractions were full and strong. I fully dilated in three hours (the nurses were surprised it was so fast for my first child.) Then after 3 long hours of pushing (thank you Devan again!) we had our beautiful baby girl!

We had to be re-admitted to the hospital after a day of being home because Halle's Billi levels were way, way to high. It scared us really bad and even though everyone tells you it is a common thing, it was horrible for Greg and I to watch our little girl be under the lights and we couldn't hold her. The greatest moment since she was born was when we were able to take the lights off of her and hold her, I remember she was fussing because it was time for her to eat, but we just let her be fussy as we held our sweet little baby in our arms as tight as we could! From that day on we had several tests the next couple days as we prayed for her levels to come down to the normal range. After 6 days of pricking her foot for blood tests they finally came down. We feel so blessed by our Heavenly Father to have a healthy baby that is so happy and alert! Parenting is hard, and I know it gets harder but nothing brings more joy to me than a smile on my little girls face (even at all hours of the night!).

Another momentous occasion happened this April as I was able to graduate! These past couple months were really hard student teaching, finishing classes and papers (one that was 60 pages! Thank you very much!) and having a baby! But it has all paid off and been a great adventure.

This is our favorite picture because we get to see those beautiful big eyes when we are holding her!
All these pictures were the handy work of my great and amazing sister Devan! I couldn't have survived the past couple months without her! Thanks Dev.