Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Happi Family!

I know that these pics are slightly fuzzy, but they are still precious to me! This little girl is becoming more than I can take. When I was pregnant I always dreamed that she would be beautiful, but she is more gorgeous than I could of imagined. I know that Greg is going to have an awful time when she gets older keeping those boys away! She is everything I ever wanted! Everyday Greg and I cannot believe how thankful we are for this precious little angel.

This is one of my favorite things, when I see Greg and Halle interacting! She loves her daddy sooo much! When he leaves for work, she beats on the door, sometimes screaming for him to come back! Every time I tell her Daddy's home, she gets a huge smile and runs to the perfect position in front of the door so when he walks in he can grab her and throw her in the air! He is the perfect dad, the other day I caught him in her room after he had gotten home late (like every night) and he was just laying on the floor next to her sleeping in her pack and play. Greg and Halle are adorable, everything I ever wanted.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Feeding Time

I was fortunate enough to be able to go home for the fourth of July weekend! These two cousins are more than best friends! Halle started feeding alex, and because he doesnt like the texures of things, it was so cute to watch them together feeding each other! I can't wait until they are older, and they tattle on each other! Or when they beat someone up because the other was being picked on! I love it, I love them, and I am so glad they have each other and they are so close!

Slide Seeker

Halle is just like her dad! She is a thrill seeker, she always wants to go higher and faster and further!

I'm in love!

I do love my hubby very much, I just love my little girl! Sometimes I feel like killing her with my kisses!

She is a very fancy girl! She loves her accessories, but also loves to get down and dirty! I am such a happy mom! Everyday I wake up and feel so blessed!

This is our adventure to our local theme park, its free to get into and its only 25 cents a ride! So cheap and she is so cute on the rides. My daughter is a thill seeker, she looks at the roller coaster and says! She is a crazy girl and pretty soon I will not be able to keep up with her. Her crazy Aunt Dev will have to take her on the rides!