Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Today I got on Facebook, and many people had put in their status that they were thankful for the veterans. I thought to myself how ungrateful I was, because when I woke up it seemed like... just another day. Then I checked my email and received a thoughtful one from my mom with a link to a movie about veterans.

I just thought I would give my thanks publicly to all the veterans that have sacrificed so much for me and for my family. I have always grown up with brave men and women around me that have protected my dear country. One thing I have also always had is my parents teaching me to respect those men and women.

One that is very close to my heart... My Grandpa (Frog) Always, he was there for me growing up, always he was hugging me, giving me kisses, spoiling me, and especially teaching me to be respectful. I am so grateful for my grandpa, when I hold my beautiful baby girl, when I kiss her goodnight and put her in her crib, I need not think about if she is safe or not, because my grandpa and valiant men like him have fought to keep her safe. Thank you Grandpa.
It's interesting, if you know a soldier you feel a closeness and sense of bravery, you feel patriotic and strong. My Grandpa is a perfect example of patriotism and I hope he knows how much I Love him and how Thankful I am for the Many sacrifices he put forward so his posterity would live in freedom.

I love you Grandpa Frog.

So even though I am just one person, I am one that chooses not to listen to the ignorance and negativity of the media, I respect and honor all men and women who serve my country.