Thursday, May 31, 2012

St George Island

We have been very fortunate because Greg is such a good talker to get a job where he travels every summer, and this summer we got to go to sunny FLORIDA!  It has truly been amazing, and I am so glad that we get to make such fond memories with our kiddos!  I am so proud of Greg for providing for our family and I am so thankful that he is beside me through the thick and the thin.


I think about all the fun silly weird stuff I used to do with Halle, when she was just as little as Dax is now, and I do not want him to miss out on all the silly pictures later!  I cannot believe that my little man is almost 5 MONTHS!  He is such a big boy and I love him oh so much.  He is so happy and giggly all the time and I am so glad that he is a member of our little happy family.
And yes I am well aware I look like an idiot, and Dax has the same picture in all the photos!